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Final Step: Explaining What is Involved

The Final Step addresses the results of The First Step’s choices – sorting by school, by time, or by comparison. Specific schools can be selected by spelling out the schools first few letters or, secondarily, by using the drop down list.

As one might suspect, the results do not necessarily follow the standard hierarchies. These hierarchies focus on academic reputations. The project’s hierarchy focuses on the attention a department’s publications garner in media outlets and policy documents world-wide.

After selecting a school or time, one lands on a data page. The referenced publication lies in the center of the page. Clicking on it will bring you to the publication in the context of where it was published. The tabs listed below a publication, are categories Altmetric offers as suggestive ways to classify the publication.

The key links are the red and orange rectangles to the left of a publication. They represent the number of news outlets and policy documents as well as blogs referencing that publication. If a publication is cited in six news outlets and two policy documents, the publication’s score is 8 in the red rectangle. As noted in “How data are collected” (, blogs are not scored. The ? below the orange rectangle is a rollover link that explains what the red and blue rectangles’ scores represent.

For further details about how Altmetric scores and tracks these sources, refer to: , especially “All About Altmetric.”

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